Interview to Nicolas Aubert

Interview to Nicolas Aubert

The paramotor multiple world champion tells his story


Name: Nicolas
Surname: Aubert
Date and place of birth: 18/12/1997  Marbella-Malaga
Competitive debut: My competition debut was in 2013 in a slalom competition in France when I was 16.

1.    How did you get excited about the paramotor and when did you start flying?

Well, it all runs in the family. When I was 3 years old I always used to play on the beach with kites. When I was 7 I started kitesurfing and taking part to races with my brother.My father has been PAP paramotor manufacturer since 1989; depending on it we were always attending paramotor events and watching people flying, but until I was 9 years old this did not attract my attention. Then I started playing with my paraglider on the ground and doing tandems with my father. When I was 10 years old I started to do my first free paragliding flights on small coastal slopes. When I was 12, my father built my first paramotor, which measured 1m with 90cm propeller, nowadays I fly with a 1.5m frame and a 140 cm propeller. When he built my first paramotor and I put it on my back, I couldn’t even walk because it hit my legs, so small I was. So I had to wait until I was 13 when I was able to make my first flight.

2.    What specialty do you prefer as a competition? Slalom or regularity?

It‘s very difficult to choose since I love them both. They are completely opposite. In Classic we go with a map, we navigate and study a strategy during the competition while in Slalom we fly at 80km/h at 1-2m from the water making circuits around pylons, so they are very different but I love both.

3.    You are among the few emerging youth in the sport of paramotoring. What sets you apart from other pilots?

Well, I have been lucky to have been surrounded by the best pilots in the world since my beginning, such as and many more who have taught me their experiences throughout this time. So I made great progresses very fast. Nowadays what distinguishes me among the other pilots is that I like to do everything. Classic and Slalom competitions and also adventure me in remote places.

4.  What would it take to encourage young people to start the sport of paramotoring?

I would like to tell them that they will not regret flying in a paramotor. When we fly we feel freedom and we have views that nobodies may have.

5.    Is the sport of paramotoring an expensive sport for a young guy who wants to start?

It’s not expensive, for me flying is priceless.

6.    Despite your young age you already have a good experience in flying with paramotors. How many flight hours do you do each week, how many per month and how many in total in your career? how many races did you compete?

Well, it depends on the free time I have, during the week I work with my father in the paramotor factory, PAP. So sometimes I go flying after work and on weekends when it is good to fly. I can’t tell you how many hours I fly per week, per month or in my career. But I assure you that they are many

7.    You are one of the first pilots to receive the new THOR 202 engine. How many hours have you used it and in which flight conditions have you tried it?

I have been one of the lucky ones that has been able to receive the Thor202, but unfortunately I could not fly it much yet because a few days later I went to the United States for an event, so I only flew 1 – 2h. The conditions in which I usually fly are at sea level with a small breeze.

8.    What are your first impressions piloting Thor 202 engine?

Together with the engine you have also received the THOR SERVICE KIT box. What do you think about it? I fall in love with this engine, it is as almost powerful as my Thor250 but it is much lighter, it is very smooth and pleasant in flight. Also a very positive point is the low consumption which allows you to put less fuel or do longer Cross country flights. The new Thor Service Kit is a very good idea, because it comes with the essentials spare parts to take to the flight field to solve the problems in case you have any.

9.    Would you recommend Polini Thor 202 engine and for what reasons?

Thor 202 is an engine that I recommend to all pilots who have experience in flight since it is an engine with a lot of trust. It is an engine that can be used perfectly in trike and foot-lunch takeoff and you can even do tandems with it.

10.What would you advise to people who want to approach the world of paramotoring? What is the best age to start the sport of paramotoring? How much does it cost to start practicing this sport (with a complete paramotor equipment)?

Given the wide range of Polini Thor engines available, in your opinion which one would you recommend to a beginner to start with and then to which model to switch on?

I recommend people going to an authorized and certified school and to start step by step. There is not a specific age indicated. I start teaching to children of 13 year old , but I have also seen videos of 8 year old children flying with a paramotor. Above all you have to be aware and sure of what you do. A complete equipment – paramotor, helmet, paraglider and parachute -would cost between € 8,000 to € 10.000. I’m talking about a new and good quality product, you can always find cheaper second-hand one.The best engine to use at the begging depends on different factors; pilot’s weight, machine (trike or paramotor to take off on foot). If you are under 80kg I would recommend a Thor 80 or Thor 130 for foot-lunch. If you are over 80kg or you are going to fly on a trike I would recommend Thor190 or Thor200. If you are only going to fly on a trike I recommend Thor 202 or Thor 250.

Resume of victories during the years and what you’ve won:

2019- 2nd position at the World Slalom Championships

2018 – 3rd position at the French Classic Championships2018  –

2nd position at the Spanish Slalom championship (More than 40 pilots where competing from all over the world)

4 times 1st at the Spanish Championship