New Polini Immersion filter

New Polini Immersion filter

Polini fuel immersion filter has been designed to solve problems connected to the impurities present in the fuels.

Compared to the immersion standard filters on the market, Polini immersion filter has been studied to limit impurities present in the tank that may deteriorate the standard filter, limiting the quantity of fuel towards the carburetor.

The new Polini filter grants the maximum filtering standards thanks to a filtering surface of 70square/cm and it lets a proper and constant fuel flow towards the carburetor avoiding lean carburetion that may cause breakage and malfunction.

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It has a 30 gr brass insert that let the filter to stay on the bottom of the tank thus consuming all the fuel.

Its assembly is recommended in the tank installed on:
Paramotor, Paratrike, hang gliding trike, ULM Three axis, sailplane ULM

Item: 928.468.002
Public price euro 12,00 + VAT
10%% Made in Italy