Polini Motori achieves another extraordinary success, adding another record to the list with the Polini Thor engine.

This time it was Czech Jan Korejtko that broke all limits and excelled, who set a flying record with our Thor 250 DS by flying a triangle route around Prague.

A goal that is divided into two parts: the first is the FAI distance, reaching 565,8 km, and the free distance, reaching 600,2 km; the second is the duration of the flight, that was of 10 hours and 2 minutes.

How did you get this result?
“It was a bit of a crazy idea that came to my mind after testing the Thor 250, only the day before making it. I decided to sleep on the airfield and at 5:31 am I took off, landing at 3:33 pm ”.

 What was the hardest part?
« Probably the real decision to test myself and try the challenge! Then certainly the most difficult part in flight was the last stage of the triangle: there was a lot of opposite wind and when I had consumed about 2/3 of the fuel, the speed dropped to just 36-45km/h « .

What are the qualities of the Thor 250 DS?
“Definitely the power. It was the key to the success of this challenge. The weight was around 260 kg on a fairly small wing of 34 m2. The speed immediately after the start was already 90 km/h. The first part was done at 7500 rpm and the coolant temperature remained at 84 °C. The engine worked perfectly, the independent double ignition made me calm to continue the flight. The powerful fuel pump and PWK carburetor system also works perfectly smoothly to pump fuel from my additional 60 litres tank. The rest of the flight I only used 60-30% of the power. It is a surprising feature that you can fly for over 10 hours without any problems ”.

Three adjectives to describe our Thor 250?