Polini Thor 260

Polini Thor 260

Polini Motori officially presents the new THOR 260, a compact and performance engine, rich in torque, designed to satisfy the needs for the “adventure” use without giving up the sporting soul.


The new engine has been designed and developed to give usability and versatility of use with the aim to offer more reliability and to reduce the service charges.

Polini Thor 260 has been conceived to be the ideal engine for long distance flights and it is a real “GT” one, which joins high performance with a smooth running for a versatility to show its best.

Fluidity and regularity are essential to enjoy long-distance flights. Polini Thor 260 is liquid cooled and it has been designed to offer a smooth, regular and progressive power output and in-flight comfort that has been increased thanks to the reduction of the vibrations through the balance-countershaft.

Flight safety and care in consumption

The Polini Thor 260 is born from the wish to manufacture a balanced “cruise” engine for a market demand of more reliability and low consumption. With its 21kg (radiator included), the new Polini Thor 260 engine grants a perfect compromise between stability and power. With its 36hp at 8000rpm Polini Thor 260 engine can offer 105kg of thrust with a 160cm propeller.
The consumption is of only 3,5 liters/h at 4500 rpm.  which corresponds to about 30kg of static thrust, medium value for level flight.

Cooling system

The cooling of the Polini Thor 260 engine is granted by a compact radiator to have a lighter weight when taking off and a better flight aerodynamics.

Fixing system

Polini Motori has met the decision to maintain the same fixing system on all its range of Thor paramotors. Manufacturers may thus produce a frame to install the whole range, significantly reducing both the productions costs and delivery times. A point in favor of the pilots who can change Thor model without replacing the frame.




The Polini Thor 260 engine is equipped with electric starter together with the manual “Flash starter”.

The great compromise reliability/power gives the Thor 260 engine the maximum versatility and it can be installed on single seat or two seat trike and delta trike.

The new THOR 260 is available with two different gear reductions: 2.8 (recommended for propellers till 140cm) and 3.2 (for propellers longer than 140cm).

Polini Engine 2 stroke monocylinder
Cooling Liquid cooled
Bore for stroke 76 x 62
Displacement 281 cm3
Power 36 HP
*Max thrust 105 Kg with Ø 150 cm propeller
R.P.M. max 8.500
Cylinder Aluminum with Gilnisil coating
Compression ratio 10:1
Piston Two chromium plated rings mm 1
Intake Reed valve in the crankcase
Carburetor 28mm VHST Dell’Orto
Air filter Air box
Ignition Electronic with battery charger
Battery charger prearrangement Output power 40 W at 5500 RPM
Spark plug hood 5k Ω resistance
**Fuel type E5 petrol or LL AV GAS-al with 2,5% synthetic oil 100%
*Consumption 3,5 Lh 30 Kg of static thrust
Gear reduction unit Helical teeth in oil bath with 2,8 or 3,2 reduction ratio
Starter Electric + Flash Starter
Clutch Centrifugal in oil bath
Muffler Expansion with oval silencer
Engine weight 21 kg with radiator
Propeller rotation Clockwise

*The values have been detected on the sea level at standard atmosphere. The thrust and consumption values may vary according to the air temperature and  density.

**E5 means the petrol type that can be used. E5= unleaded petrol 95 octanes up to 5% of ethanol. This symbol is shown on all the petrol pumps in Europe.