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3rd FAI World Paramotor Slalom Championships
Fayoum – Egypt –

The World Paramotor Slalom Championships in Egypt has just ended and Polini Motori is proud to announce that, also for this time, our awarded THOR engines hoarded up prices.

An outstanding supremacy in the most extreme and technical race: both in PF1 and in PL1 classifications, the first 7 positions are of pilots with THOR 250.
At the Championship there were: 30 THOR 250, 2 THOR 200, 1 THOR 190 and 1 THOR 130, for a total of 46 participants in the two categories.
To note that she won not only the Golden Medal for Women, but she also qualified in the 6th position in PF1 category.

Polini Motori would like to thank all the pilots who participated with Polini THOR engines… MORE INFO…