323 days, 95 hours of flight and 5890 kms.
These are the figures with whom Mark Rindel from Mount Waverley, near Melbourne, has signed the record flying through Australia with an Aeros ANT equipped with Thor Polini engine.


For the first time in the in continent, the Australian guy crossed the entire country coast to coast with an average of 4 h of light per day.

Some days with strong winds slowed the trip down, but the trip plane has been respected thanks also to the support coming from the ground that supplied Mark with foods, water and petrol.

A sequence of breath-keeping landscape, from the extended and rustic WA red desert til the yron Bay crystal coast.

The adventure was originally planned with his friend John Oliver: a trip that Mark wanted to honor the memory of the his friend’s ultimately death.

“When John died, I understood that I wanted to go on with our project and at the same time to honor him. It has been a great emotion for me to fly over the entire country, between the beautiful places, the colors and places like Great Diving Range, Ayres Rock and Lake Eyre: a dream coming true”


Next adventure in 2020, coast to coast in the United States.